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Gerry Rhen owner and operator of Best Rated Downingtown Dryer Vent Cleaning Wizard serving Chester and Delaware Counties provides dryer vent cleaning, adjustment and installation for homes and businesses. Residents, lessees, building managers, nursing homes and anyone who operates a clothes dryer will benefit from the service provided by Dryer Vent Wizard.

Gerry Rhen was spurred to take up the dryer vent cleaning and installation trade when he discovered the number of consumers are still using the plastic, vinyl and flexible-foil dryer vent designs that are no longer in compliance with dryer vent safety specifications. Dryer Vent Wizard only installs sturdy metal dryer ducts, leading out of the house, and totally up to code.

Dryer vent cleaning and correct dryer vent installation develops peak dryer functionality, takes away a fire threat, lengthens the life of your clothes dryer and saves energy while cutting down drying time. Clogged dryer ducts, left unattended, can bring about excess wear on the dryer, causing pre-mature break-down and void the manufacturer’s guarantee. The expenditure of skilled dryer vent cleaning is little compared with the rewards.